Physiotherapy or more commonly known as physical therapy is a practice increasingly present in our lives. But, do you really know what it is? Do you know when you need it? Above all, do you know what its advantages are? Physiotherapy, understand what it is first Let’s start by understanding first what physiotherapy is. It is actually an […]

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Pacemaker for atrial fibrillation

Generalities of the treatment A pacemaker is a device about the size of a pocket watch that runs on batteries. Send weak electrical impulses to “establish a rhythm” so that the heart can maintain a regular heartbeat. Some people who have atrial fibrillation need a pacemaker. The pacemaker does not treat atrial fibrillation itself. The pacemaker is used to treat […]

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What are the different treatments for asthma?

Most people diagnosed with asthma will be able to control the symptoms through their medical treatment. The most commonly prescribed anti-asthma treatments are preventative or relieving inhalers . However, for some long-term treatments, a combination of drugs or a non-steroidal inhaler will be favored. We have developed a guide to help you better understand the different types of […]


Your easy break from stress with fake doctor’s notes:

What is it? When you are overstressed and need a break from the tough schedule of your life. You may switch to a fake doctor’s prescription. People generally find it a cool idea to fool their employer and take off for them. Most of the times they are unaware of the coming consequences that might […]


Toothache: Facts About Dental Health That You Should Know

Surely, everyone has experienced tooth pain at some point in their lives, right? The pain is not an alien feeling to us —waking up from a pang of pain in your mouth, unable to chew on the foods that you want to eat, everything is just so frustrating you’ll sometimes end up crying. Of course, […]

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Weed is good if you don’t over consume it

Undoubtedly, the current and continuous research one the cannabis has been really impressive and is one of the major reasons behind legalization and increased consumption. Since the consumption of cannabis and related products were criminalized for years, it has been characterized as a social taboo. People should learn the basics of CBD before making any […]


Is smoking weed age restricted?

Cannabis is derived from the cannabis plant or cannabis sativa which grows wild in tropical and temperate areas of the world as it can be grown in almost any climate. The active ingredient of the cannabis is called delta-9 tetrahydro-cannabinol commonly known as THC. Usually, cannabis is found as marijuana, hashish, and hash oil. Marijuana […]


Valentine’s Day: How You Use Cannabis This Day

Cannabis is the plant that is being used from the past few years for its medicinal properties and is working well in treating various medical ailments. Valentines’ day is the day of lovers and if we say that on this day you can make something extra with the cannabis then the question will be how? […]


Reasons You Need to Choose Top Rated Hop on Hop off Bus Tours in New York

Every traveller moving to another city, state or country has some reason to visit. Similarly, you must be having multiple reasons to visit New York City known to be the most happening place in the world. People visiting the city find it to be an amazing place to enjoy, relax and get engrossed in the […]


Periodontitis and some myths about teeth

Everyone loves to smile but what if you are facing serious teeth and gum issues? Many people ignore this problem but ignoring such problem can lead you in trouble. For instance, according to a survey report approximate 75% of people above the age of 40 are suffering from gum related diseases. It shows that there […]