P3 Healthcare Assistance in the Reduction of Claim Denial Issues

P3 Healthcare has earned its repute in the medical industry by its exceptional output to the providers. The company fulfills all its promises to the providers. Many physicians are availing the medical billing services in the USA from different companies. However, the American providers will see a noticeable difference between P3 Healthcare Solutions’ services and other medical billing service companies’ services. The company is known for showing an exceptional reduction of different issues regarding the medical billing. Following are some of the remarkable services of P3 Healthcare Solutions!

Reducing the denials

The most prominent reduction, the providers will see, after hiring the services of the experienced medical coders and billers of P3 Healthcare Solutions is the reduction of denials. The P3 Healthcare Solutions work with complete dedication to show the noticeable decrease in the denials and rejection of the claims. P3 Healthcare Solutions knows the need of a denial free medical billing process. The company assists their skilled and trained staff to increase the speed of the revenue cycle of the medical practice of the providers.

Reducing the Errors

The physicians of America can look forward to increasing the number of successful reimbursement claims by reducing the errors and mistakes while submitting the claims. P3 Healthcare Solutions provides its exclusive offer of error-free medical claims for the American doctors. P3Care’s medical billing and coding experts have enough experience and know-how of billing the claims adequately. Once you have got the services of P3 Healthcare Solutions, you will see a definite difference in the reduction of the errors and mistakes. The company’s staff makes sure that correct information and data is entered in the claims for submission.

Reducing the Time Consumption

P3 Healthcare Solutions is offering its excellent services to all the physicians to save their time. The providers have to perform many functions in a day. The medical billing and coding is not only a robust procedure but also time-consuming tasks. However, P3 Healthcare Solutions lets you focus on your patients and save time by doing the job. Moreover, the company also saves time by making successful payments within a short time through its skills and expertise.

Reducing the Cost

The P3 Healthcare Solutions is providing cost-effective services to the doctors residing in America. P3 Healthcare Solutions have introduced a percentage based pricing model. Most of the time the medical billing cost becomes variable. However, the affordable price for the services rendered by the P3 Healthcare Solutions is ideal. It cost only 5 to 9% of the total collection of the medical practice. It is far lesser than the charges of other companies for the same services. In this way, the providers cost-effectively get quality services.

Reducing Non-Compliance with HIPAA

P3 Healthcare Services guarantees the HIPAA compliance as well as other laws and authoritative bodies. The company is aware of the fact that the rules and regulations for medical billing and coding keep on changing with the passage of time. Therefore, the experts always keep a proper check upon the changes made by CMS and other laws. In this way, the P3 Healthcare Solutions can follow all the rules and remain in compliance with all the laws and requirements. Most importantly, the experts take care of the data and information of the patients because they know the sensitivity of the health reports. The P3 Healthcare Solutions reduce the denials which are responsible for non-compliance of HIPAA and other Acts.