How to Get into Rehabs in Texas without an Insurance

If you don’t have insurance, it is tough to find an excellent rehab facility, let alone get into them. So, the big question is, can people enter a quality rehab centers in Texas even without insurance? It is a problematic question most families with addiction problems are facing, without clear answers. The good news is, you can find ways to finance drug rehabilitation and recovery for someone you love without the help of an insurance policy. These are options people can take to get into a substance abuse rehab center in Texas without insurance.

  • They can borrow some money from friends or relatives
  • They can apply for a loan
  • If they have a credit card, or if their friends and relatives are willing to lend you their credit card, they can use it to enroll in rehab facilities.
  • They can ask for a sliding scale.
  • Look for any institution that offers scholarships.
  • If you have money saved, you can use that to enroll in an excellent institution.
  • You can do crowdsourcing to raise money.

The type of substance you take and the type of treatment that comes with it will affect the cost. You need to explore every option as well as the facilities and make sure that it matches you financially. You also need to decide whether enrolling in an expensive rehab facility is best for you. Some low to mid-level substance abuse programs in the state is as effective if not more effective compared to these luxurious and expensive rehabilitation institutions.

 Strategies to support substance rehabilitation financially without insurance

 Most people with substance abuse worry about treatment facility cost. Not a lot of addicts have the money in their pocket to pay the price of substance abuse programs. Especially most of them just came back from a long-term battle of substance abuse that leaves most of them little to no money, in short, financially compromised or bankrupt. It also means that any active health insurance policy that they have a long time ago have now expired. The good news is, there are ways you can pay for substance rehabilitation without the help of an insurance policy. Most people use at least two strategies to make ends meet and get the treatment program that they need.


 Treatment now, pay later. It is one of the most popular payment schemes if they want to enroll in a treatment facility, but don’t have enough money to pay for it. It is best for people who need the treatment as soon as possible, but don’t have the money at the moment. It is difficult for people that are struggling with substance addiction at the same time maintain a job and save some money. Financing allows people to get the amount they needed to pay for the treatment. Financing companies send the money from bank straight to treatment institution. They will set up a payment plan depending on your ability to pay, after the treatment. Unless your family covers all the expenses of your treatment, your first payment will come after you finish your rehabilitation treatment. Some financing companies even give their clients six to twelve months of grace period before they start asking for fees, to give their clients more time to find a good and stable job.

Grants and Scholarships

 The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (you can check has scholarships and grants that you can apply to fund your substance addiction treatment if you don’t have an insurance policy or you don’t have the money to use for the treatment. You need to check every detail of your application, especially the requirements on SAMHSA’s site to make sure that you are qualified to apply for a grant or scholarship. Another thing, you can make a list of all the treatment center near you that offers specialized treatment of certain addictions. Contact the facilities and ask them if they offer grants or scholarships for people without insurance. A lot of rehab centers in Texas provide this kind of options for people that don’t have insurance coverage or don’t have money to pay for their treatment.

 Subsidized Coverage

 Most people with substance abuse and have little to no income are unable to afford insurance policy without the help of their relatives, friends, non-governmental organizations or the government. They can’t also afford rehabilitation without the people’s support, thus, recovering from substance abuse is very difficult. Getting subsidized coverage from the government or any non-governmental organizations is one way to seek substance abuse treatment for people that are financially unstable or with low socioeconomic status.

(Click here to know the requirements for substance abuse treatment subsidy from the government.)

 Sliding Scale

Many treatment centers know that it is tough to finance a drug recovery program. Most of these centers want available treatment for everyone, if possible. These treatment facilities are often willing to work with drug dependents who wish to go into rehab and create a personalized cost-based payment scheme that people can pay based on their overall income and financial status. This kind of payment scheme is designed to encourage people at the bottom of the totem pole with drug problems, to seek treatment for their addiction.

 Borrow money from relatives and friends

It is one of the hardest things to do for drug dependent people who want to go into rehab, asking money to their relatives and friends for treatment. Most addicts still have families and friends who are willing to lend them a hand. But for people who have cut ties with their families and friends, asking them money for rehab is like asking the government for drug money.

Personal Savings

It sounds impossible, but some people use their savings account for substance abuse treatment. Not all people spend all their money on drugs. Some of them are lucky enough to save some money, and nothing is more important than having your hard-earned money spent on recovery from substance abuse. It is essential for people who suffer substance abuse to take the appropriate steps towards living a healthy and happy life, free from destructive substance abuse. That’s why, if they saved some money, they need to spend it to pay for rehabilitation instead of using it buying drugs.