What do you look like to others?

Here’s a quiz that Dr. Phil, an American authority on psychology, did on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show and it’s being used by national psychology centers around the world. When carrying out the test, please answer carefully with the current status.

  • When do you feel your best during the day?
  1. In the morning
  2. In the afternoon or evening
  3. At night
  • When you walk:
  1. Striding and fast
  2. Small steps but fast
  3. Slow and look forward
  4. Slow but lower your head
  5. Very slow
  • You often talk to people:
  1. Standing with arms folded
  2. Holding hands tightly
  3. Putting one hand or both hands on the bottom
  4. Pushing the person you’re talking to
  5. Playing with your hair or touching your chin
  • When you sit down and rest, you use to:
  1. Knees together
  2. Legs crossed
  3. Legs straight
  4. One leg curled under the body
  • When something funny happens, you will:
  1. Laugh wildly
  2. Laugh
  3. Laugh lightly
  4. Titter
  • How do you get in when you go to a party:
  1. Get in very loud to attract attention
  2. Enter quietly and find someone you know
  3. Very quiet entrance, try not to be noticed
  • When you’re so absorbed in your work that someone interrupts you, your reaction is:
  1. Welcome him or her
  2. Very irritated
  3. Between A and B
  • Which following color do you like best:
  1. Red or orange
  2. Black
  3. Yellow or light blue
  4. Green
  5. Dark blue or purple
  6. White
  7. Brown or gray
  • Before falling asleep, your posture on the bed is:
  1. Lie on your back and straighten up
  2. Lie on your stomach and straighten up
  3. Lie on your side, body slightly crooked
  4. Put your head on your arm
  5. Covered your head and face
  • I frequently dream of me:
  1. Falling
  2. Fighting
  3. Finding
  4. Flying or floating
  5. No dreams
  6. All the dreams are happy

Test Result:

The number after each option represents the score of the option, and the total score is calculated based on your choices.

  • A: 2 B: 4 C: 6
  • A: 6 B: 4 C: 7 D: 2
  • A:4 B: 2 C: 5 D: 7 E: 6
  • A: 4 B: 6 C: 2 D: 1
  • A: 6 B: 4 C: 3 D: 5
  • A: 6 B: 4 C: 2
  • A: 6 B: 2 C: 4
  • A: 6 B: 7 C: 5 D: 4 E: 3 F: 2 G: 1
  • A: 7 B: 6 C: 4 D: 2 E: 1
  • A: 4 B: 2 C: 3 D: 5 E: 6 F: 1

20 points or below: An introverted pessimist

People think you are shy and neurotic. You’re indecisive, and you need someone to take care of you, and helping you make decisions. Others think you’re often worried too much, and you cannot see the problems that already exist. Some people think you’re boring. Only those who know you well know you better.

20-31 points: A critical person who lacks confidence

Your friends think you are hardworking and critical. They think you are a cautious, slow but diligent person. If you do anything impulsive or unplanned, they will be surprised. They think you will carefully weigh the pros and cons from all angles and decide not to do something. They think it’s your nature.

31-40 points: A fault confessed is self – protector

Others think you’re a sensible, practical person. And they also think you are a smart, talented and modest person. You’re not going to be friends with someone very quickly, but you’re a very loyal friend, and you’re going to be asked to be loyal. Those who truly know you know your loyalty to your friends. But once trust is broken, it can be very sad.

41-50 points: A balanced moderation

Others see you as a fresh, energetic person. You are attractive, practical and often the center of attention. But you are a balanced person, so you don’t lose your mind. Others think that you are kind, considerate, and considerate, and that you are a delightful person.

51-60 points: An attractive adventurer

People think you are exciting, active and have a strong personality. You are a natural leader, a decisive person. While your decision may not be all right, people like your bold and adventurous spirit anyway. The excitement you exude attracts others.

61 points and above: An arrogant loner

People are usually very cautious when stay with you. In other people’s opinions, you are extremely self-centered and have a strong desire for dominance and dominant. People may admire you but don’t like you, and don’t have deep relationships with you.