Methadone Magic

A Serious Problem

In the words of Kanye “Opioid addiction, pharmacy’s the real trap” he expresses that drug use is something relevant and hard to overcome in our society. One of the scariest aspects of Opioid addiction is that it can happen accidently.

A person is put on drugs to help them with short term pain, never thinking they will get hooked once the pain subsides.

Drug overdose is the number one reason for accidental deaths in the U.S. This caused great alarm for the United States and they are well aware of this pressing issue. A state of emergency over the current rate of overdose deaths due to heroine and opioid addiction has been declared.

There is Hope

The good news is, there actually is a way that opioid users can overcome this addiction and get back to a better life. Recovering from opioid use is very hard. As much as 60 to 90 percent of opioid and heroin addicts will relapse.

This number is very discouraging and can leave users feeling hopeless. The reason these rates are so high is because the withdrawal symptoms are very severe.  These symptoms can include fever and chills, restlessness, diarrhea, body aches, nausea and vomiting, psychosis, tremors and seizures, and insomnia.

But with the use of Methadone, withdrawal symptoms become manageable and recovery seems possible.

What is Methadone?

Methadone stops the overwhelming urge to use again. This is a huge factor and possibly the most important in recovering from Opioid addiction. Additionally, it acts as a withdrawal deterrent.

When the withdrawal becomes too overwhelming is when the addict will often revert back to using. Methadone is a great treatment for those living with addiction and has been used for many years because of its proven effectiveness. It is also very inexpensive and greatly outweighs the amount that could possibly be spent on daily opioid use.

Methadone will not get you high, impact the ability of driving a car, keep you from pursuing a career, or restrict you from caring for your loved ones.

The Science Behind it

One way to think of Methadone is as your brains physical defense against the chemicals that opioids release. Methadone gets into the brain and fills up the receptor sites. This inhibits the heroin and opioids in attaching on. It is sneaky because since Methadone is an opioid itself, it helps to relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms all while diminishing the euphoric and sedating effects of opioids. In the most ‘sciency’ of ways to put it, Methadone is a long acting, synthetic opioid analgesic that some people use for pain relief.

Something to Think About…

There have been complaints in using Methadone that it requires visiting a clinic daily. However, the daily and constant contact as well as routine can be a tool to help recovering addicts. Adding structure into someone’s life who is suffering from addiction can help immensely. It allows normalcy and reminds someone of the activities they are doing that are keeping them happy and healthy.

Where Can I get Methadone?

Visiting this website allows you to pick which state you are in and find a place for treatment that way. This then will give you insight into the success rate in your state, how you will receive care, and the first step in recovery. This site will also provide a place to select your state, and then generate a list of all the opioid treatment programs with name, address, and even a map of where it is located.

A final way to find where methadone is available to you is by looking  up Methadone Near Me and they will provide many results that should offer a lot of ways to find where it can be accessed.

The Steps of a Methadone Recovery

Initially, a high dose of methadone will be administered. This is because at first, the withdrawal symptoms that are trying to be overcome from the addiction are much more intense. It is common that during this time the patient may suffer from impaired judgement.

Due to this, inpatient care is needed to ensure that the individual will stay safe themselves and to others. After the first onset of physical withdrawal symptoms subside, the Methadone dose will be lowered. Now the person may have an easier time returning to live with their family who can support them in staying clean.

Methadone cannot be taken for a short time with expected lasting results. Opioids and heroin create a very strong hold on people and the only way that Methadone is effective is when it is taken consistently and over a longer period of time.

What Else is Involved?

Although Methadone alone is a great treatment in overcoming addiction, other resources such as therapy may be necessary. It is common for drug users to feel a great amount of shame for what they have done.

This is where a mental health professional can be very useful in securing a full recovery. Talking through why they may have started to take drugs in the first place can initially be a good way to solve a problem. Then, reminding them of all the reasons they want to avoid taking them again in the future helps them to realize the life they can have free of drugs.

A lot of times there are underlying mental health issues that were never addressed before that come to the surface during this time.


If you or someone you love is suffering from opioid, look into Methadone. There is always a way to overcome addiction and so many resources to help. Although it may seem daunting and hopeless, a road to recovery through Methadone will not be as bad as you may think.