Periodontitis and some myths about teeth

Everyone loves to smile but what if you are facing serious teeth and gum issues? Many people ignore this problem but ignoring such problem can lead you in trouble. For instance, according to a survey report approximate 75% of people above the age of 40 are suffering from gum related diseases. It shows that there is a lack of knowledge in people regarding the maintenance of their teeth and gums. There are a number of people who even don’t know about the ongoing problem in their mouth. Ultimately these problems are going to become gum diseases and even loss of teeth may be the consequences of this.

The below-stated points will help you out in describing the difference between gingivitis and periodontitis, how to check the symptoms and how to treat it during the initial stage. This is going to guide you on how aperiodontist will resolve a particular issue when it is necessary for you.

Separating truth from myth

Actually, there are several misconceptions about the periodontal diseases for a long time. Some believe that these are the results of not brushing the teeth properly. But the truth is that more than 25% of the population is genetically affected by this problem. Some people also think that it is a minor issue and it will automatically get disappear after some time naturally. This is going to spread like other infections, if not cured. It will also affect your appearance as well as a creative problem while eating. There are several people who have an understanding of the gum problems, but they think they have to take a painful treatment. These days periodontist, give a painless treatment too.

Difference between Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Both are different gum diseases. Gingivitis is the starting stage of the problem. There are wide ranges of people who are having gingivitis and can’t feel any kind of discomfort while they are normally eating and drinking. On finding a problem at this stage, the problem can be resolved by you at home too. Periodontitis is the next level of the gingivitis and it can be a serious issue for the person having it. There is a plaque on your teeth which is going to affect your gums also. As the Bacteria in the mouth of an infected person start producing high toxins which can affect the base of your teeth’s structure. This is thus, a critical periodontitis problem.


At initial stage bleeding or swelling in the gums may be there. If you find the length of the teeth is longer than before or the teeth feel loose from the gums, unfortunately, you may be suffering from periodontitis. You have to reach the periodontist as soon as possible to fix it.

Following Good habits

There are several good habits which help you to give prevention from these problems. If you are brushing your teeth’s from being a kid, then there is no need to worry about anything.

Hope the above-mentioned points are going to help you in curing the gum diseases as well as help you in taking precautions also.