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Your First Dental Implant Procedure in Guelph: What to Expect

What do you do when your tooth falls out? That’s a good question. Dental implants are the closest you’ll get to healthy, natural teeth. They’re beautiful, strong and built to last a lifetime, but there’s a catch. They need to be periodically adjusted. Sounds too obvious? You’ll be surprised at the high number of people that think they could enjoy life without taking care of their teeth (and mouth). Are these implants right for you? Here are a few things you should know before getting dental implants in Guelph.

What are my options?

1: Doing nothing – Well, a missing tooth isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing thing, but you’ll get over it. Besides, it’s super cheap, and you won’t be introducing any foreign materials into your jaw bone. Sadly, teeth are interdependent. They’re placeholders for one another and the adjacent teeth may shift if you lose one.

2: Temporary partial dentures – Just like glasses, we put them on during the day and we remove them at night. They’re held down by metal clasps and anyone with a keen eye can notice them. They sometimes move a little when we’re eating, making us uncomfortable. But, this is a small price to pay.

Does it hurt?

Every man has two fears – the fear of death and fear of being judged. Pain falls into the former category. I won’t lie; getting your jaw bone drilled sounds painful and this is why they use local anaesthesia. This means you’ll stay awake throughout the surgery but won’t feel a thing. Generally speaking, getting dental implants in Guelph is nothing compared to getting a tooth pulled out.

We all perceive pain differently. There are many endodontists offering general dentistry in Guelph, so talk to any one of them and see whether sedation will be necessary. You’ll experience discomfort once the drug wears off. Keep painkillers nearby and you’ll thank yourself later. You may also use an ice pack on the affected areas to minimize swelling.

How long will the whole procedure take?

Short answer: 4 months. We’re all created differently. Recovery time varies depending on our age, the dentist’s experience and whether bone grafting is involved. Drink a lot of water, have enough rest and the recovery will be faster than you think. For the first few days after the operation, ditch your regular diet for fluids. Give your new tooth ample time to heal before chewing with it. Stick to soft foods and fruits.

Healing takes longer whenever a failing tooth is involved. The implant procedure is done at a later date after the bone has healed. In a few cases, implants are made on the same day. These patients are lucky, as they save time. But this operation isn’t for everyone. Visit any clinic offering general dentistry in Guelph and they will perform a CT scan to determine if you’re eligible for same day implants.

Is there anything else that I should know?

There are lifestyle choices that negatively impact the healing procedure. For instance, smoking slows down recovery. Minimize the number of cigarettes you light each day if quitting for a week isn’t an option. You should also reduce alcohol intake and observe regular oral hygiene. Brush twice daily to ensure no plaque builds up on the affected area. Good luck.